Reading with a chance of Tacos is a celebration of authors and illustrators – their journeys, amazing stories, awesome advice, and all the fun of kids books. So, come on in!



On today’s show, we’re slamming some poetry your way. We’ve got one of the country’s best and most sought-after poets who is showing our kids how cool this genre is. Plus, we chat about an awesome graphic novel born from brush of this amazing poet.

Today’s special guest is an award-winning writer, keynote speaker, creativity specialist, children’s author, educator and, having performed for hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world, is one of Australia’s most successful performance poets. He’s represented Australia in the World of Slam Poetry, which we’ll hear more about shortly, along with his new graphic novel series, please welcome the mind-blowingly brilliant, Joel McKerrow.

An Author. A Duck. And an Octopus

On today’s show, we chat to an Aussie author about different ways to write, places to write, various opportunities, magazines, and of course, picture books. Plus, Liv reviews an amazing picture book perfect for kids everywhere.

Today’s special guest has been a Deputy Editor of a magazine, a copywriter, a travel columnist for an in-flight magazine, a podcast host, and a picture book author. Her book Walking Your Human was read by Sarah Ferguson on Fergie and Friends, was released in the USA, UK, and translated into Korean. And, she’s popped in today to chat about her latest book, all about an octopus and a duck. To tell us all about it, along with her working process and a writing tip or two along the way, please welcome the wonderful, Liz Ledden.

To and Fro. On writing a book from your own experiences

On today’s show, we chat to the author of an amazing book of self-identity, the author’s own experiences, and how to write a book that means so much to the author. Plus, Liv reviews two fun picture books that you’ll sure to want for your collection.

Today’s special guest enjoys writing stories that make children laugh. His stories explore themes of self-identity, family relationships and friendship. 

He’s popped in today to chat about his debut novel, To and Fro, which draws on the experiences of being a black person with light skin, being adopted, finding your father late in life, and exploring self-identity, all with humour and heart. Everybody please welcome, Anton Clifford-Motopi.

Creativity and a Giraffe named Jeff 

On today’s show, we go from Sea Cucumbers to Giraffes, from Wombats to Snails. We find out if the right page of a book is better than the left. And we chat to one of the most creative authors in the country about creativity, how she comes up with ideas, and a giraffe named Jeff. Plus, Liv reviews two new books.   

Today’s special guest is a great friend of the show. An Award-Winning Author, whose love of animals and rhyme has seen her publish seven hilarious books that kids want to read again and again.

She’s popped in today to share her latest picture book, one of the funniest books you’ll read this year. Everybody please welcome, the wonderful, the creative Amelia McInerney.

Plus, Liv reviews two new picture books:

This is my Book by Tim Harris and Heidi McKinnon

What are the stars for? by Margeaux Davis

This is my Happy Place 

On today’s show we ask, where’s your happy place? And chat to an author all about her happy place, her writing journey and how to get into writing books for kids. And Liv reviews two amazing new picture books. All on today’s show. It’s gunna be huge.

Today’s special guest’s love of words, fashion, travel and everyday family life has seen her write fun, feel-good books which showcase contemporary culture and capture the joy of childhood. 

Her first picture book, Wonderful Shoes, was a CBCA Notable Book and appeared on TV Playschool’s Storytime.

She’s popped in today to chat about her latest picture book, This is my Happy Place, to tell us about her incredible author journey, and offer up a few tips on the craft. Everybody please welcome, Emma Bowd.

Saturday is Pancake Day 

On today’s show we chat about pancakes, creating stories, and the process of writing picture books. And Liv reviews not one, but three amazing new picture books. All on today’s show. It’s gunna be huge.

Today’s special guest grew up in a magical world with animals great and small, from rabbits and mice to dogs and cats, to goats and horses. So, it’s no wonder her stories are full of magic and animals. Initially studying to be a youth worker, she soon found that it was writing stories that made her happy.

She loves to sit in a café with her laptop and write stories where the characters are learning to find their way through big emotions that are a part of life.

She’s popped in today to chat about her latest story titled, Saturday is Pancake Day. To tell us all about this delicious book, everybody please welcome, Bernadette Green.

GATHERING A BODY OF WORK – what to do while you’re waiting to be published.

 On today’s show we chat to one of Australia’s busiest authors about gathering publishing deals, and how important it is to gather a body of work before you’re published. 

 Today’s guest has written over 50 books for children and young adults. Her stories are full of humour, heart, mystery, magic, and adventure.  She’s popped in to chat about her latest book, which is book two in the Super Sloth Series, along with her author journey, and process for writing award-winning books. Everybody please welcome, Aleesah Darlison.

On today’s show we chat to Mike Lucas and Heidi McKinnon and go insearch of a cheeky monster. These two amazing creatives share thier process for writing and illustrating award-winning picture books. 

Plus, Hayley in the Library is back to let us know what kids are reading, what they’re excited about, and what they’re learning in class. And, we countdown the Taco Top 5 most borrowed books. 

We chat about two exciting book launches happening over the weekend at Readings Kids Bookstore in Carlton Melbourne. Check them out here: Readings Kids Bookstore

On today’s show we chat to one of Australia’s most popular authors for kids. She’s always so much fun to talk to, and Bianca’s Book Club is back to chat about books by Sally Rippin, Phillip Bunting, and a popular series that’s coming to an end.  

Today’s special guest is one of Australia’s most popular authors for kids.  In 2019, she was Australia’s #1 bestselling debut Aussie Author of children’s fiction for her book, Secrets of a Schoolyard Millionaire. It has now been sold into the UK, US, Italy, China, Estonia and Romania.

She’s popped in today to chat about her latest series which I think we’re going to hear a lot more of real soon, along with her incredible author journey, tips and tricks on the craft, and generally a whole lot of laughs, everyone please welcome, the super-energetic and dynamic, Nat Amoore.


On today’s show we chat to an author who persisted in a manuscript he believed in, rode the rejections, and now looks like being a big success. We’ll discover what the book is, why it was rejected, how it got published, and watch it burst into the world. All that and more it’s gunna be huge!

 Today’s guests are an author and illustrator of children’s books. The author is a regular and favourite amongst our listeners, and the kid lit community in general, with his encouraging nature and social presence.

The illustrator has a whopping 30 books here and internationally, ranging from picture, baby board, Non-fictions, and chapter books. Her Picture book with author Lisa Shanahan received a short list medal for the Prime Ministers literary awards. 65000 copies were then distributed to the children of Victoria for their prep bags. Everybody please welcome Rory H Mather and Binny Talib.

To Book a spot at the Melbourne Launch, click on the Readings Bookstore Website Here


On today’s show we chat about what kids are reading at school, what’s changing, and what kids are excited about, with one of the most celebrated teacher librarians in the country. As well as an awesome new picture book all about Bees. There’s a real Buzz in the air.

Today’s guest was awarded the ASLA Australian Teacher Librarian of the Year 2023 and the SLAQ Queensland Teacher Librarian of the Year, as well as the national Dromkeen Librarians Award.

A former national vice-president of the Children’s Book Council of Australia, she is also a regular literary judge, festival curator and co-host of the Your Kid’s Next Read podcast. And if that’s not busy enough, she is a public speaker who inspires parents, caregivers, educators, and librarians to nurture a lifelong love of reading.

She’s popped in today to share her absolutely incredible journey, along with her new picture book, The Beehive. Please welcome the amazing Megan Daley.