11 Must-have Tips for Kids who Want to Write Books

11 Must Have Tips For Kids Who Want to Write Books


9 fun guests celebrating 10 awesome books, sharing 11 must-have tips.

Welcome to a special edition of the Mini Taco Podcast with Elodie, Liv and Ken.

Mini Taco podcast was created as a celebration of the books we love, to connect kids with the authors we love, and to offer up some must-have tips for kids who want to write and illustrate stories. So in this episode, I’ve mashed up a few of our favs. It’s 9 fun guests celebrating 10 awesome books, sharing 11 must-have tips.

We’ve got hilarious poems, rowdy pirates, nerdy animals, freaky pets and a cockroach on a cake. We’ve got tips on finding ideas, drawing pictures, and even tips on how to write stories with your friends. And it’s all here in today’s mash up.

Mini Taco Podcast –

for kids who love books

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Each episode aims to inspire little people to use their big imaginations to read, write, draw and create!

After putting up over 100 episodes of Taco podcasts for authors, it’s great to do something for the kids. We’re very excited about this as it’s so much fun. Tailored to primary schools, it’s ideal for educators, teacher/librarians, kids who want more from books, and all who love children’s literature.  

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