Australia is in the grip of election fever. A new Prime Minister is to be elected. People must vote and candidates are on the election trail – seeking popularity and making promises they know they’ll never keep.

Who will you vote for?  Rory, or Debra-Jo Woo?

Say what?

Rory wanted to be Prime Minister because he thought it would be really cool and he could do anything he wanted. Like, lick Melanie on the face or bite Amber on her bum. Or even flick a booger on someone. Yuck!

But, Mrs Gonsha took Rory aside and told him that’s not what the Prime Minister does (Mm, yeah okay?). “The Prime Minister’s job is to keep everyone safe,” she said, “It’s a very important job because you’re in charge of the whole country. And, besides you can only become the Prime Minister if you’re elected by the people.”

“Okay,” said Rory, “I want to be elected then.”

But then Debra-Jo Woo said, “I want to be elected.”

Rory said, “No, Me!”

Debra-Jo Woo said, “NO, ME. ME. ME. MEEEEEE.” And she got so excited, she accidentally poked Rory in the eye with a cheesy-stick from her playlunch.

What the heck am I talking about?

A Little Election

Today, we’re celebrating the funny book: A little Election. A part of the Little Lunch Series of books by author Danny Katz and illustrated by Mitch Vane. In this edition, Rory and his classmates learn what it takes to elect a Prime Minister.

The election we had to have!

With two kids both wanting the top job, there was only one thing to do. Mrs Gonsha called an election! It was just like watching the real parliament. The two candidates made their election speeches – complete with ridiculous promises. Their classmates voted, and a winner was chosen.

And the winner is …

Danny Katz and Mitch Vane. For giving us such fun books to read. The entire series is set during play-lunch on various days at a local primary school. Such a great concept which develops more and more as we get to know each of the characters and the hilarious situations they get into.

The writing is fun with no holding back on the grossness, while the illustrations are full of energy that capture all the fun and excitement kids have in the playground.

Introduce your kids to the election process.

This particular book is not only a laugh a minute, it’s also a fun and ideal way of introducing primary schoolers to the world of politics and the election process.

Where can I find out more about Little Lunch Books?

To find out more about the Little Lunch book series, and where to find them, check out Walker Books here:

And, to find out more about the Dynamic Duo of Katz and Vane (you’d be crazy not to. They’re hilarious) check out Mitch Vane’s website:


Author – Danny Katz

Illustrator – Mitch Vane

Publisher – Walker Books, Australia and New Zealand

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