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Featuring Brooke Cutler, Alison Ferguson, Ruth McGurk and special guest Anouska Jones

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Welcome to our first Taco Writers Group Podcast. We chat away to three aspiring authors about their dreams and goals for the future, our shared love of picture books, and special guest, the publisher of EK Books, Anouska Jones drops in for a QandA all about publishing books for kids.

Ruth McGurk

Alison A Ferguson

Brooke Cutler


Anouska Jones

Today’s special guest has over 25 years publishing experience across various genres. She is currently the publisher of EK Books and coming up to her 100th picture book with EK. She’s popped in today to share her advice of creating books for kids, what publishers are looking for, and how authors can achieve the best results.

EK Books

Since 2013 EK Books has been on a mission to publish children’s books on themes that other publishers fear to touch.

Their motto is ‘Books with Heart on Issues that Matter’, and the books are crafted by authors and illustrators who have a knack for unpacking complex issues, making them engaging and memorable for even the youngest readers.

EK Books


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