Jacqueline Harvey and Kate Isobel Scott

Jacqueline Harvey and Kate Isobel Scott

Today’s guests share the most amazing story of how they got together as author and illustrator.  

One was a primary school teacher and the other was a primary school student.

One day the primary school teacher, who knew she was destined to be a writer, said to her grade 4 student, who she knew was destined to be an illustrator, “One day, I’m going to write a book, and when you’re older, you can illustrate it. And, it will be published, and sold in bookstores for the world to see and read.”

Forward a few years later, and Jacqueline Harvey is now the author of the best-selling Alice-Miranda series, Kenzy and Max series, the Clementine Rose series and the amazing Willa and Woof series of books.

Kate Isobel Scott grew up, moved to England and graduated with an Honours degree in Illustration.

Then, out of the blue, the illustrator received a call from her former teacher to fulfill a promise made years before. What happened after that? Well, let’s find out. Everybody please welcome the wonderful and dynamic duo of Jacqueline Harvey and Kate Isobel Scott.


Title: That Cat

Author: Jacqueline Harvey

Illustrator: Kate Isobel Scott

Publisher: Penguin, Australia, 2022


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