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For established writers and those just starting out, Reading with a chance of Tacos is here to assist you in your journey to publication and beyond.

About Ken

About Ken – the voice behind Tacos

Ken is a Sagittarius, 6ft 4, mesmerising blue eyes, striking complexion and unfortunately a compulsive fib-teller (5ft 5 and as ugly as a bucket of nails). No seriously, he is devilishly handsome, though you’d never know it to look at him, it’s an inner beauty. It’s all in there somewhere.

Ken’s own writing has appeared in popular magazines, daily newspapers, online publications, children’s books and the corporate sector.

“And I’m only 35!”
He wishes.

About Tacos Podcast

Each episode, host, Ken Williams, interviews a prominent member of the children’s writing community – from authors and illustrators, to publishers and book sellers – to follow their journeys, their experiences, ideas, tips and discover what’s coming up in the world of kids books.

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About Tacos Book Reviews

We review and celebrate the books kids love to read. 

Why the name Tacos

Reading with a Chance of Tacos was born out of Ken’s love of children’s books, which was born out of hundreds of afternoons with his son Max. They’d read together for hours, where at some point Max would ask, ‘Can we have tacos tonight, Dad?’