An author’s journey – turning negatives into positives

An author's journey

Today’s guest lives in Melbourne, in a yellow house, where she writes lots of different things, including stories for kids.

She loves etymology (the archaeology of words), entomology (the study of insects), wordplay, playgrounds, and facts that are stranger than fiction.

Her first picture book, Naturopolis has a bit of all of these things, is published by Storytorch Press, and is in stores now.

To tell us all about it, along with her amazing author journey, please welcome the wonderful, Deborah Frenkel.

Deb’s journey is as much an interview on how to turn a negative into a positive as I’ve heard. From the idea for her amazing book, to the writing process, and even her thoughts on rejection are such an inspiring look at what is possible for all aspiring authors. It’s no wonder Naturopolis is such an enjoyable book.

Naturopolis Taco Review

Title: Naturopolis

Author: Deb Frenkel

Illustrator: Ingrid Bartkowiak

Publisher: Storytorch Press, Australia


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