Kylie Howarth is a mum, a lover of animals, a friend to seagulls, fish kids and lizard ninjas. She has helped raise orphaned kangaroos, swum with sharks, whales, piranhas and, I kid you not, pink dolphins! She is also an award-winning, internationally published author and a multi-talented illustrator. Ladies and Gentlemen, please give it up for Western Australia’s own, Kylie Howarth – Woo-hooo!

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Woo-hooo! We love Kylie! Tell us an octopus joke! Yipeee! Fish kid rules!

Hi, thanks for having me!

I love your books, and I believe you’ve just released another recently, but before we get to that, we reviewed your book Chip a while ago and it’s still a favourite. So, I want to ask, have you seen Chip lately and how’s he going?

Yes, Chip is feeling pretty Chipper now that he has a second book out, Chip the Lifeguard. He was pretty thrilled he got to wear undies on his head in this one.

Well, who wouldn’t?! I hope they were clean.

Hey, tell us a little about your latest book, Fish Kid and the Lizard Ninja.

Well, it’s the first book in a new chapter book series. The main character is a boy named Bodhi. He falls for a revolting prank when he drinks a green smoothie made with jellyfish and slimy sea cucumbers! He plunges head first into an ocean-packed, shark infested adventure.

Mmmm. You had me at Slimy Sea Cucumbers!

If you could go back in time and do anything differently as a child to be a better writer as an adult, what would it be?

Read more books! I’d pack a suitcase full of books from now into my time machine so I could read them as a kid.

What books make you laugh?

The Wonky Donkey, by Craig Smith, cracked me up when I first read it to my niece. I also love Darcy Moon and the Deep-Fried Frogs, by Catherine Carvell, an author buddy of mine. I read it by torch light, lying in a bunk bed on a boat, above my kids. One chapter had me laughing so loud I woke them up!

Who is your funniest fictional character?

The chicken, Hei Hei, from the Moana movie is the funniest.

Yes, great choice! He is one kooky chook.

Hey, should we be able to spell creativity any way we want?

It would certainly make life easier! As a mum trying to teach my kids to read and spell, I think there are so many words that are unnecessarily tricky! (Ken, you are going to proof read these answers for me, aren’t you?)

Me? I can’t spill to save myslef.

Now, this next question is a big one, Kylie. We only ask the big questions here on Tacos, it’s why we’ve got tens of readers, should pineapple ever be on a pizza?

I’m okay with pineapple on pizza. I am more concerned with making sure my pizza has anchovies!

Wow! Must have anchovies. Awesome. Though, I’m not sure about anchovies with pineapple?

Now, what about this English language? Should more than one sheep be sheeps?

No, but I think the collective noun should be a ‘cloud’ of sheep. 

They do look cloudy. Good call.

And finally Kylie, do you have a favourite joke?

Yes. How do you make an octopus laugh?

I don’t know, how do you make an octopus laugh?

With TEN tickles!

Hehehehe, you’re such a squidder. I bet Fish Kid told you that one.

And, finally finally, what tip would you give someone who wants to write a funny story?

Just write what makes you laugh. Someone else is sure to find it funny too.

Awesome advice! Thanks so much for joining us, Kylie.

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