Today’s guest is an international Kid lit superstar! Together with illustrator, Terry Denton, he has built 143-Storeys of comedy mayhem that has sold over 10 million copies and is about to sell a few more. That’s right, the next Treehouse book is out today and it’s an absolute ripping read. So, to tell us all about it and what it was like behind the scenes, please give a huge cheer for the amazing, Andy Griffiths. Woo-hooo!

Resources Mentioned in this Episode: 

Andy Griffiths: To find out more about Andy, you can click on his website here.  Or, listen to his last taco’s interview here

Terry Denton: To find out more about Terry and his ground-breaking work, click here.

 The 143-Storey Treehouse: If you’d like to read our Taco’s review, click here.

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