An Author’s Guide to Afternoon Naps

Have you ever noticed how you don’t see many authors out between midday and 3pm?

What is your Writing Mascot or Spirit Animal?

What animal would represent you if writing was your brand? What features and characteristics do you share that represents you as a writer?

How much does a picture cost to make?

When submitting to publishers with a great story, it often comes down to one major question. How much will this book cost to make and will we get our money back? Okay that’s two questions, and the answer might surprise

Why we must embrace silly

What most people don’t know is that silly may be one of the most important components in the universe

Why kids put books down

As writers of books for kids, we must understand why kids pick books up and why kids put books down

How to get your writing rejected

Like it or not, rejection is a huge part of the writing business. If you want to make it in this industry, you must be a master of rejection!

Does toilet humour have a place in kid’s books?

As a blog site focussing on books for young readers, I think it’s important that I address the topic of farts, butts and poop and its role in funny.
dog and kid laughing showing why we must embrace silly

How important is humour in children’s literature?

Funny books have the power to hook and hold younger, more reluctant readers. They offer that feel good factor that make reading a joy. From here, important topics may be addressed