Australia’s Most Wanted!

Warning! This post contains a baboon’s butt.

In kids book news today, Authorities are warning us to be on the lookout for a baboon with his butt out, a horrible girl named Harriet, a friend-eating monster, a pug with a bad attitude, and a penguin who would sell his own mother.

It seems not all endearing kids book characters are soft and cuddly, good-natured, loveable, heart-warming and kind. Some aren’t very nice at all, and some are downright evil! (In other words, AWESOME!)

Worrying signs suggest that there are more of these shady characters loose in bookshelves across the nation. Authorities warn us not to be fooled by kids laughing and enjoying their wild and carefree antics, these characters are not your run-of-the-mill nice guys.

When questioned on the matter, local authors and illustrators have said openly that they put these characters in their stories willingly. Willingly! Knowing full well, that these characters may cause conflict. You be the judge.


Horrible Harriet: Crime – well, it’s all there in the name really.

She’s said to be wicked, wild and wonderful. Horrible Harriet lives in a nest in the roof of her school, kidnaps teachers to do her homework for her, and terrifies her classmates.

What’s more, kids have been reading, laughing, and enjoying Harriet’s antics for over 20-years.

What does that say?


Baboon (Butt Out!): Crime – buns out.

Often seen on sunny days shouting, “Sun’s out. Buns out!” This is no way to behave in polite society. When asked by other animals to put some pants on and cover up, Baboon out-and-out refuses.

The book is a romp! This baboon is a free-spirit who doesn’t care what people think. He openly flaunts convention. He bucks the trends. He’s a trend bucker!

One to watch out for.


Pig the Pug: Crime – Greed (among other terribly entertaining qualities).

Pig the pug has all the chew toys, bouncy balls, and bones a dog could ever want. But he refuses to share with his friend, Trevor. When he plays games, he cheats and is a sore loser. He offends the locals and causes destruction. He learns life’s lessons the hard way. Yet, this popular pug is almost unstoppable.

There’s been around 10 books in the series and more to come.

Who’s a bad boy?


Monster (I just ate my friend): Crime – eating his friend.

Can you believe it? This wicked monster openly admits eating his friend. He doesn’t even try to hide it. Then he wonders why nobody else wants to be his friend. He clearly has zero impulse control.

And what are kids all over the world doing after reading this? They’re laughing uncontrollably.


Errol the penguin: (Errol and Mum for Sale!) Crime – selling your mother.

When Errol’s mum doesn’t listen to him, what does this mischievous young penguin do? He puts his mum up for sale. He was even prepared to sell her for a jar of jellybeans. Okay, that is pretty funny. 

However, patience, gratitude and family relationships are just a few of the themes this young penguin has to explore.

Be on the lookout!

Of course, this list is only touching the surface. There are many more characters to look out for. Sure, most are hilarious, and some leave our kids with an important life lesson to contemplate, but I say be vigilant.  If you spot one of these rascals let me know and we’ll add them to the list. 

And finally, I’d like to issue my own warning to all you baddies out there. From you infamous loveable larrikins to you out-and-out nasties (you know who you are), I will find you. And when I do … I will purchase you, read your antics, and shout out your shenanigans from the rooftops!

You’ve been warned.