Author and Illustrator Collaborations

Today’s guests have become an author / illustrator team, with 3 amazing picture books together. The Fixit Man, At the end of Holyrood Lane and This is my Dad, published by EK Books, are all books with important messages, written and illustrated with heart and emotion that draw the reader in.

To tell us all about their journey together, how they collaborate, and how they see picture books, including their latest book, This is my Dad, please welcome Dimity Powell and Nicky Johnston.

Nicky Johnston is an award-winning children’s book author and illustrator. She has several bestselling titles published in Australia and overseas. Nicky’s illustration style is often described as whimsical, playful, narrative, emotive and colourful. She loves to work in watercolour, ink, pencils and pastel. 

Dimity Powell is a children’s author, reviewer and presenter. Dimity writes for children because she believes being a kid is one of the coolest things you can be…next to riding dragons and lying under palm trees.

Dimity believes words have the power to influence and guide, polarise and unite, shock and comfort. When woven together into a story web, they should elicit emotion, enlighten and enthral but most of all, entertain. And because Dimity is a below average singer and never learnt to tap dance, she chooses to entertain children by writing for them.

EK Books

Social Media Tips for aspiring authors and illustrators

Today’s Tip Top Topic is Social Media Tips for Aspiring Authors and Illustrators.

And, to help us today, we’ve got the author of such books as The Book Chook, Bad Crab and Who Fed Zed. It’s Amelia McInerney. Woo-hooo!


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