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Ideal for literary events, book launches, schools, and festivals

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We’re bringing some of Australia’s best loved authors and illustrators to your school.

The show engages students in Q&As, quizzes, book prizes, and time with an author or illustrator like never before!

Podcast presenter, Ken Williams will interview a guest live with your school as the audience. Expect lots of laughs in a fully interactive MINI TACO AUTHOR VISIT PODCAST SPECTACULAR!

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An Author Visit with so much more!

We come with our energetic brand of enthusiasm for children’s literature, and a huge focus on:

  • How to be an author or illustrator.
  • Authors and illustrators sharing real stories. 
  • A celebration of books.
  • Developing that creative passion – to read, write, draw and create!
How to make a picture book shine

Ken's energy is infectious!

"Ken is a gem! The Reading with a Chance of Tacos podcast is a fun-filled way for children's book enthusiasts to learn and share. The podcast supports a vibrant community of creatives navigating their way through the challenges and joys of writing and publishing for children. Every episode is lively, informative, educational, and entertaining. Ken's energy is infectious!" Katrina Germein

A behind the scenes look at how a podcast is made

We come to your school and record a real Reading with a chance of Tacos or Mini Taco kids book podcast that we can air to the world, or just your school! How COOL is that!!!

Presentations are split into three sections for age-appropriate presentations:

Junior Primary, Middle Primary, Upper Primary.

Each session is between 45 – 60 minutes, and suitable for up to 60 students per session.


1 session only: $375

Add a 2nd session on the same day: $650

Add a 3rd session on the same day: $900

*Ken has a current WWCC, and is fully vaccinated from Covid 19

For more info or to get started

Call Ken 0438 248 381

Or email: enquiry@readingwithachanceoftacos.com / Or go to Contacts Page on this site.

More Testimonials

“Ken had grade one and two enthralled. Now the kids are writing with such enthusiasm.” Maureen McArdle, St Joseph’s Reservoir, Vic. 

“Ken is such an engaging speaker. The kids loved it!” Ros Quinn, Eltham Library, Vic. 

“The kids are still talking about Ken’s visit now, 6 months later!”  Kate Arnott, Rosanna Primary school, Vic

“There is such positive energy in your podcast.” Sandra Van Doorn, Publisher, Red Paper Kite.

Great Content!

"If you like a laugh and you love children books, then you'll enjoy Reading With A Chance Of Tacos as much as I do. Ken delivers the latest and greatest in kidlit content - from new releases, to author interviews to industry insights and tips. Punctuated with humour and enthusiasm, this podcast is deliciously satisfying, just as its name suggests! As a guest, you are guaranteed an entertaining, laugh-filled and memorable interview." Vikki Conley


Reading with a chance of Tacos Logo

Exciting News!


Grow your readership!

Sell more books!

Connect with the Kid lit community!

Get reviews!

Get your book into the world!!

All with Ken by your side in a fully interactive Podcast Book Launch

We’ll help get people there by putting the word out on the podcast and online.

With his general brand of enthusiasm, Ken will ensure your guests are enthralled, the kids entertained, and the book at the forefront of the day. We’ll have readings, Q&As, prizes and more!!

Expect lots of laughs and memorable moments in a fully interactive book launch.


A Book Launch with so much more!

Not just another book launch. Give people a reason to be excited about your amazing book. You’re writing books for kids. Let’s get kids interested, involved, and loving your book. Let’s make it a memorable celebration. 

But wait, there’s more! You also get your book reviewed on Tacos and your launch will be a part of an actual episode.




$300 for a double author booking (2 book launches in one)


Half your cost and double your fun!!

Hosting with another author and book doubles your audience, doubles your exposure, and creates an amazing atmosphere on the day! And you split the cost. Check with publishers, other creators and see if you can partner up.


For more info or to get your launch started

Call Ken 0438 248 381

Or email: enquiry@readingwithachanceoftacos.com / Or go to Contacts Page on this site

Matt Cosgrove

"I'm definitely a fan!"

"I look forward to each new episode of the podcast. As an interviewer, Ken is genuine and engaging with an infectious enthusiasm and great sense of humour.” Matt Cosgrove

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