Be Quiet! by Ryan T Higgins.

Finally I get to sit back at my desk, with a hot cup of tea, and write a nice quiet review. It’s going to be great. I’m going to make it a wordless review. Have you seen them? They are so artistic.

No words. Starting … now.

Reading with a chance of tacos presents, “Be Quiet!” – a tacos review

Okay … now.

Okay, wordless reviews are really hard, and like Rupert the Mouse, I just can’t do it. So here’s a review with words.

Finally Rupert the Mouse gets to star in his very own picture book. And, it’s going to be great. He decides that it’s going to be a wordless book. Those books are so artistic.

Best of all, Rupert is surrounded by the most magnificent forest setting, illustrated by Ryan T Higgins, so it’s sure to be amazing. Rupert announces that his wordless picture book is about to begin and will have no further words. Starting … now!

Hey Rupert, what are you doing?

Unfortunately, Nibbs the Mouse steps into the book and starts talking.

“Shh!” says Rupert, “I’m making a wordless book.”

“Sorry,” says Nibbs, “I’ll stop talking. Oops, I’m still talking. Now I’m talking about talking. Sorry!”

Nibbs begs Rupert to be in the book, making more and more words appear.

Poor Rupert starts to think that this book will be a disaster. Who will want to read a wordless book that is filled with words?

 “Stop. You’re ruining it,” shouts Rupert, “I said BE QUIET!”

Hey guys, what’s with all the shouting?

Now Thistle the Mouse arrives and wants to know what’s going on. When Rupert explains to Thistle what he’s doing, he wants to be in the book too. But, Nibbs and Thistle are creating so much noise that poor Rupert is getting very upset.  

Nibbs suggests that they should introduce some other characters into the book to help combat all the noise. They need Captain Quiet – A Vocabulary Vigilante – a crime fighter who fights words.

Or, maybe a mime would help.

“No! No! No!” shouts Rupert. “Just be quiet! Can’t you two stop talking? I can’t stand it!”

Rupert just loses it. He continues to shout at his two friends for a whole page. Until Nibbs points out to Rupert that he might want to stop, because this is a wordless book.

Fun and silly – a winning combination

This is a great read aloud, especially if doing the voices. It’s silly, crazy and altogether hilarious. The cartoon styling of the book makes it easy to follow and the illustrations capture everything from the funny facial expressions to the scenic forest background. And, look out for the funny scene where the mice try to explain what onomatopoeia means.

Ryan T Higgins

Ryan Higgins is the author of the Bruce Bear Series. Lovers of the series will enjoy cameo appearances from previous characters. And, everyone else will just enjoy this for its pure silliness.  

As for me, well my tea has gone cold and I’ve used way too many words, so I’ll stop talking. Starting … now!


Title: Be Quiet!

Author / Illustrator: Ryan T Higgins

Publisher: Disney Hyperion, 2017

Okay … Now!

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Alright … Now!

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