Bedtime Sorted! by Jimmy Rees and Briony Stewart


Bedtime Sorted! Book Review


Dad’s Got Bedtime Sorted!

But has he? When mum goes out to dinner, leaving dad to cook dinner, bath the kids and put them to bed, dad starts off really well. Everyone eats their dinner. All the water stays in the tub. All kids go straight to bed. Easy Peasy!

With the kids in bed, dad sits down to a hot dinner and some TV time. How easy is this parenting caper? Dad’s got it down!


But Lenny’s not tired!

All of a sudden, Lenny pops out to say hello to dad. Dad puts Lenny back to bed, but Lenny’s too hot, then too cold, then he wants to get his new fav toy. Then the window starts making funny noises. Then he wants the door open. Then he wants and wants and wants…


Please Go To Sleep!!

Dad is a real hands-on dad who starts out in complete control, but after having his patience tested it all gets too much and he shouts, “PLEASE GO TO SLEEP!!!”

Rookie mistake! “Shh Dad,’ says Lenny. “You’ll wake …”

The ending of this book is a cracker! Poor dad has no chance of sitting down to a nice hot meal. The illustrations capture the story arc so well that you can’t help feeling sorry for dad, while at the same time, laughing out loud.

This book reminded me a lot of Go the F$#@ to sleep. Except this one is for the kids, and the mums, and the grandparents who can look at this struggling dad and know his pain, yet still want to laugh.



 Author: Jimmy Rees

Illustrator: Briony Stewart

Publisher: Affirm Press, 2021


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