Bev and Kev by Katrina Germein and Mandy Foot

Bev and Kev Book review

Bev is tall and Kev is small.

An unlikely pair!

A heart-warming tale about learning to love yourself and the value of a true friend.


Bev is Tall

Bev was tired of all the animals around her calling her tall. ‘My Goodness you’re tall,’ and, ‘Goodness me, look at you!’ they’d say ‘You’re Gigantic.’ ‘You’re massive, Bev.’

So, Bev up and left.

She walked and walked. Past Zebras, and hogs, okapi and even African penguins as she passed by the coast. She kept walking.


Kev is Small

Kev, a small bird, was tired. He asked Bev if he could rest with her. Of course Bev said yes, and Kev plonked down for a rest right on Bev’s nose.

Bev enjoyed Kev’s company and a beautiful friendship blossomed between the very tall Bev and the very small Kev.


We all need that one true friend

Bev and Kev travel together to the water hole for a much-needed drink and a rest. This is such a wonderful tale. Bev trying to find where she belongs, and Kev who is not at all concerned with Bev’s appearance, only that he can rest and enjoy Bev’s company.

The expressive illustrations add to the story beautifully, and I love the way Mandy Foot has steered clear of lions, crocs, hippos, etc, and introduced us to a range of African animals that we don’t always see.



 Author: Katrina Germein

Illustrator: Mandy Foot

Publisher: Little Book Press, Aust, 2022

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