Anna McGregor - Books in Lockdown

Books in Lockdown – with Anna McGregor

It’s Book Week here in Australia and today’s guest has just been awarded a 2021 CBCA Honours for her picture book, Anemone is not the Enemy. She’s joined us today fresh from the Awards to discuss her achievement and what it means, as well as share her thoughts about Books in Lockdown. Please welcome a great friend of the podcast, the amazing, the wonderful, Anna McGregor ladies and gentlemen.

Lost in Lockdown

For all those books born in Covid Lockdown, we understand that it’s difficult for potential readers to walk into bookshops and see, touch, and get a real sense of your books. So, at Taco’s we’ll do what we can to get some eyeballs on your books.

Penny Harrison

Penny Harrison has dropped by to talk about her Lockdown Book Baby, The Little Coven.

Three best friends mix magic – they whisper secrets of the soul. 
And the things that make them different, when together, make them whole. 
A story of three girls who are different in many ways, but are united by the special bond of friendship.

Resources mentioned in Books in Lockdown:

Anna McGregor: To find out more about Anna, you can click on her website here. Or check out her previous Taco’s interview here.

Penny Harrison: To find out more about Penny, click on our full interview here. Or check out Penny’s website here.

A Pair of Pairs and an orange: For more information about this wonderful picture book by Anna McGregor, and published by Scribble Books, click here.

Frankie and the Fossil: For more information about this awesome picture book by Jess McGeachin, click here

The Little Coven: To find out more about this magical picture book by Penny Harrison, click here.

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