Butt out!

By Heath McKenzie


Heath McKenzie book review

Nobody likes being told that they can’t do something. For example, Baboon loves having his butt out and feeling free. Unfortunately, all the well-dressed animals don’t like it and want him to cover up.

They say things like, “Hey buddy, cover your butt!” and “I think you’ve forgotten your pants.”

But Baboon won’t have any of it. He didn’t forget his pants, he just didn’t put any on.

“Sun’s out. Buns out!”

Baboon is all about bucking the trends and feeling free. He’s a carefree spirit who doesn’t care what others think. “Sun’s out. Buns out!” he reckons.

But, the animals don’t give up and all gang up on him, demanding he put some pants on. Eventually Baboon gives in and covers up, or does he?

Heath McKenzie is one of my favourite Illustrators. His drawings always have a real life about them and always with awesome detail. In this romp, McKenzie gets to show his quirky sense of humour through the text as well, which kids of all ages will find hilarious.  

This is a book full of funny one-liners and wisecracks that make it fun for anyone who loves pure silliness. And for anyone that has ever wanted to buck the trends and just be themselves.  


Author: Heath McKenzie

Publisher: Omnibus books, Scholastic Australia, 2018