Carley Mills Pioneer Girl

Carly Mills Pioneer Girl – The Lady with the Lamp

Old Worlds – CBCA Book Week

Book #4 in this series and I have to say, I love everything about the series. And, it’s so perfect for this year’s Book Week theme of Old worlds, New Worlds and Other Worlds. As a quick recap, the series is about a young time-traveller, Carly Mills, who travels back in time discovering the female pioneers that changed the world. We meet such courageous, clever and determined people as Caroline Chisolm, Dr Lilian Cooper and Dame Nellie Melba.

The Lady with The Lamp

In book four, Carly, Dora and Simone arrive in London to visit Simone’s family. However, no sooner do they touch down, than they whiz back in time to a much drabber, smellier London Town. And, who should they bump into but, Florence Nightingale.

The Mother of Modern Nursing

Florence Nightingale is now considered The Mother of Modern Nursing. However in 1853, nursing was not considered a dignified occupation for a young lady. But Florence was having none of that. She was full of determination and compassion for her fellow humans that she was going to do whatever it took to help the sick.

Carly and her friends soon befriend Florence and before long, follow her on a mission to the Crimean War to help the wounded soldiers. And, what they get is an eye-opening adventure that will take all their courage and determination to get through.

This is such a wonderful book and series that showcase our female pioneers, and how they changed the world. I particularly loved the historical notes and the mock Q and A with Florence Nightingale. Very clever.

The pace is terrific, this clever story constantly moves back and forward from the past to the present, and from one adventure to the next, while capturing the essence of the times and characters. There is some humour injected throughout, and the forming of unlikely friendships and character dynamic. Perfect as a fun read, but also an informative way of discovering history and the courageous women that trailblazed their way into our history books.

And, there’s still more to come. In book five, we’ll meet the charming rebel, Amelia Earhart. Can’t wait for that one.


Author:  Jane Smith

Publisher: Big Sky Publishing, 2021

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