Australia’s Most Wanted!

Australia's Most Wanted

Australia’s Most Wanted! Warning! This post contains a baboon’s butt. In kids book news today, Authorities are warning us to be on the lookout for a baboon with his butt out, a horrible girl named Harriet, a friend-eating monster, a pug with a bad attitude, and a penguin who would sell his own mother. It […]

How important is humour in children’s literature?

dog and kid laughing showing why we must embrace silly

I sat among a pile of funny kids books one morning a few months back, many that I used to read with Max, and I started thinking, how important is humour in children’s literature? I’ve since done some research, interviewed established authors and publishers, and the overwhelming answer that keeps coming back is that humour […]

An Author’s Guide to Afternoon Naps

Have you ever noticed how you don’t see many authors out between midday and 3pm? Maybe you think it’s because they’re busy tap-tap-tapping away at that masterpiece, like a tortured genius suffering for their art?  Well, you couldn’t be more wrong! So, where are they? Sound asleep, of course! It’s not a secret as such, […]

What is your Writing Mascot or Spirit Animal?

On the taco’s podcast, one question that always gets an exciting response from guests is, What is your writing mascot or spirit animal? I guess it gets a happy response because it’s fun to think about. But, more than that, if you’re a writer, it’s a great way to get to know who you truly […]

How much does a picture cost to make?

At Reading with a chance of Tacos, one thing we love is helping aspiring creators of children’s books get published. In my role, I’ve interviewed writers who believe they have a picture book to share with the world and publishers who believe in these aspiring writers. However, when it comes to assessing a manuscript for […]