How much does a picture cost to make?

At Reading with a chance of Tacos, one thing we love is helping aspiring creators of children’s books get published. In my role, I’ve interviewed writers who believe they have a picture book to share with the world and publishers who believe in these aspiring writers. However, when it comes to assessing a manuscript for […]

Why we must embrace silly

Silly might be one of the most important components in the universe. Yet, people scoff at silliness. Do we need to change our thinking?

Why kids put books down

As writers of books for kids, we must understand why kids pick books up and why kids put books down. And as parents, we need to understand the enormous benefits books hold for our kids. Problem is, there are so many distractions for kids these days. And, so many options kids have when it comes […]

Kidlit Q&A Extravaganza!

Q and A Extravaganza

Coming Soon! First we need your questions. Ask and you shall receive! Every question you ever wanted to ask about writing, illustrating and publishing, answered! We have a cast of publishers, editors and experienced, professional writers and illustrators in various kids book genres ready to answer any and all your questions. All questions will be […]

How to get your writing rejected

How to get your writing rejected by Ken Williams For everyone who’s had their writing rejected, and anyone who is about to, this post is for you. How to get your writing rejected is an absolute must read for all aspiring writers. Hey fellow writers (you poor gluttons for punishment), I’m Ken, the host of […]