The Best Job in the World!

The Best Job in the World

The Best Job in the World Author and comedian, Oliver Phommavanh pops in to chat about why writing and being an author is the best job in the world. And, even better than that, it’s available to everyone. It’s something real that kids can aim towards. Title: What about Thao? Publisher: Penguin Aust, 2022 CHARACTER […]

Adventure on the High Seas

Adventure on the High Seas

Adventure on the High Seas Pirates are on the loose! Arrrrrrrrgh!!! Today’s guests are the author and illustrator of a brand-new series called Crossbones. About 5 rascally pirates looking to unbury some treasure on the high seas. It’s full of adventure, fun and lots of laughs for kids of all ages. To tell us all […]

Having Fun Using Imagination

Having fun using imagination

Having Fun Using Imagination – an interview With Sarah Speedie Breaking News: A new cooking show has hit town. To find out all about it, we sent our reporter, Ken, to investigate. Ken and Liv chat with Meowster Chef creator Sarah Speedie all about her hilarious new book. And Sarah offers up  a few writing […]

My Dad Thinks He’s a Pirate

My Dad thinks he's a Pirate withKatrina Germain

Hosts: Ken and Liv Guest: Katrina Germein Topic: My Dad thinks he’s a pirate Today’s guest writes joyful books for children. She believes young readers deserve stories that inspire curiosity, imagination, and laughter. With over twenty published titles, Katrina has seen her highly acclaimed work sold around the world. Katrina’s book Before You Were Born is currently shortlisted […]

Writing about Adventure with Nat Amoore

Nat Amoore Mini Taco interview

WRITING ABOUT ADVENTURE with Nat Amoore Hosts: Ken and Elodie. Guest: Nat Amoore. Topic: Writing about Adventure with Nat Amoore.   Today’s guest ran away to join the circus. She entertained people by flying through the air on her amazing trapeze. Nowadays, she entertains people with amazing books full of adventure. So, for old-time sake, […]