Rodney Forgets it!

Rodney Forgets It! A Tacos review

RODNEY FORGETS IT! A Tacos Podcast Review Rodney’s Back! Only he can’t remember why! But we can. Because he’s hilarious!! Last time, Rodney Loses it. And now, he forgets it! But, what has he forgotten? The Party of the Year! Rodney has a habit of forgetting this and that. Like where he’s left his coffee […]

A Footy Tail by Alex Johnston

A Footy Tail with Alex Johnston a Tacos podcast

A FOOTY TAIL BY ALEX JOHNSTON A Footy Tail by Alex Johnston is a fun rhyming picture book, perfect for young football lovers. It’s got all the right ingredients: unity, resilience, teamwork and fun! Join AJ and his teammates, Cody and Latrell, and the Bunnies on their triumphant footy journey from being the competition underdogs […]


Cross Bones 2 Book Review

CROSSBONES. THE DOG WITH TWO TAILS Embark on a hilarious high-seas adventure! When a mysterious goldfish points them in the direction of a long-lost treasure, Magnus, Daisy, Ed, and Spot set sail for another voyage on the dangerous great sea. Can the pirates find the cave of the legendary Noah Silversniff? Or will this mangy crew’s latest […]

The Book of Wondrous Possibilities

The Book of Wonderous Possibilities a tacos review

THE BOOK OF WONDROUS POSSIBILITIES A middle grade adventure for 8-12-year-old heroes (even if they don’t know it yet). Arlo Goodman lives with his Uncle Avery in a run-down flat above their bookshop. He has no friends, except for his pet mouse, Herbert. But when a girl called Lisette bursts into the shop and begs […]

My Shrinking Parents

My Shrinking Parents book review

MY SHRINKING PARENTS By Zeno Sworder One boy’s parents travel from far-off lands to improve their son’s life. But what happens next is unexpected. What does it mean when your parents are different? What shape does love take? And what happens when your parents sacrifice a part of themselves for you? In this heartbreaking and […]