You are Loved!

Aim your goals at the right target with Liv Downing

You are Loved! You are Loved is the wonderful picture book by Liv Downing. A book that’s all about helping children, and indeed adults, understand that no matter what, you are always loved! Our chat today is also about ensuring that you as a creator understand that what you do matters. How you look after […]

How to create art and make a living

Sean Avery podcast interview

How to create art and make a living Find your niche, know who you are as a creator, and learn to weave it all together to become a formidable artist. Today’s guest is an author, illustrator, designer, and a primary school art teacher. His first book All Monkeys Love Bananas was a best-seller, and his […]

The Dangerous business of writing books for kids

The dangerous business of being an author

The Dangerous Business of Writing Books for Kids Today’s guest has had many dangerous jobs from making hatpins out of darts to climbing ladders at midnight. Now she is in the dangerous business of writing books for children. She has written over 20 of them, mostly with her partner Jol. Her latest book is a […]

It’s Time For a Revolution!

It's time for a revolution!

It’s time for a revolution “Australia needs a financial revolution, and it needs to start with our kids!” Scott Pape (OAM) “Every parent wants their kid to be financially secure. The problem is they have no idea how to achieve it and resort to nagging and bribing until the motivation to teach them … fizzles […]

Worst Week Ever Wednesday

Worst Week Ever Wednesday

WORST WEEK EVER WEDNESDAY by Eva Amores and Matt Cosgrove Today’s first guest, according to the hilarious front page of his website, is an idiot and an embarrassment to his whole family. He lives in a wheelie bin with his pet rock and two monkeys. He spends his days wearing a pink tutu and making […]