Interview with Dani Vee

Dani Vee interview

Podcast Host to Children’s Author – an interview with Dani Vee Today’s special guest is the host of the popular literary podcast, Words and Nerds. She is also the debut author of a picture book titled, My Extraordinary Mum, coming soon to Larrikin House Publishing. Next year, Dani will be bringing out a series of […]

How to Build a Community through Social Media

Scott Stuart interview

How can authors grow their communities through social media? Ever wondered how to build an online community? Or have a tribe of friends, followers, and colleagues to help grow your author platform? Today’s episode is a must listen for anyone looking to build an author platform. Our panel of co-hosts are all published authors with […]

Editor Assessments with Crystal Corocher

Crystal Corocher interview

Editor Assessments with Editor Crystal Corocher Today’s guest started as a journalist but followed her heart into children’s literature both writing and editing. She was recently shortlisted as an Australian Book Industry Awards Rising Star in publishing. As well as her work at Larrikin House Publishing, she’s been busy running Editor Assessments at Kidlit Vic, […]

But Why?

But Why? Tacos podcast

Elizabeth Pulsford entered a competition and is now a published author Today’s special guest is a high school English and Performing Arts teacher who answered a call to be a published author. The caller, Ethicool. A publisher of picture books, Ethicool put out the call for their very first author competition. “We’ve got an Illustrator […]

Want to be published? Make a commitment!

Trent Roberts interview

Want to be published? Make a commitment! find what works for you – with Trent Roberts   Whether you have a thin skin, are nervous to show your work, don’t have enough time, or have anything at all stopping you from making it as a published creator, you need to start committing to something that […]