Collaborative Story telling to Inspire Communities

For anybody who has ever wanted to collaborate, or is in collaboration, with another creator on a book for kids, this episode is a must!


Interview with Johanna Bell 

Johanna Bell interview


Today’s guest is a CBCA Book of the Year Award winning author in collaboration with Dion Beasley. She heads up StoryProjects – a creative production house giving a voice to storytellers of the Northern Territory in Australia.

Johanna is passionate about elevating the voices of First Nation People and others in our communities to turn meaningful life events into unforgettable stories.


Go Home Cheeky Animals

Cheeky Dogs


Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

 Johanna Bell: to find out more about this wonderful author and her amazing work, click on website here.

Dion Beasley: For more information about Dion and his awesome work, click here.

Birds Eye View Podcast: For more info on this special podcast, click here

StoryProjects: To find out more about this groundbreaking project, along with Octopus and Spun Stories, click here


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