An interview with Jaclyn Moriarty

Welcome to a Saturday morning addition of Reading with a chance of tacos. Today, we look at the amazing journey of someone from a successful writing family, the influence positive role models can have on your career, conquering self-doubt, or at least getting the balance right, and what it takes to be a successful author. 

Today’s guest is a recipient of the Davitt Award and the Aurealis Award for Best Children’s Fiction. She’s been a professional writer for over 20 years.

She’s here today to share her journey with us of positive role models, self doubt, being original in your writing, and to talk about her new book from the super successful Kingdoms and Empires Series, it’s the wonderful and amazing, Jaclyn Moriarty.


Resources Mentioned in this Episode:


Jaclyn Moriarty: To find out more about this wonderful author’s work, click on website here.

The Chronicles of Oscar from Elsewhere: To find out more about this book, click here.

Liane Moriarty: For more information about Liane, click here.

Nicola Moriarty: For more information about Nicola, click here.

What Katy Did: For more info about this book series, click here.


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