Cricket. I just love it by  Alister Nicholson and Tom Jellett


Cricket. I just love it book review


Hey Sports Fans,

Did you know that cricket is played by over 700,000 kids in Australia, and millions more around the world? At this very moment, the World 20-20 Cricket Championships are being played in Abu Dhabi. It’s that place that love to watch the Flintstones. Abu Dhabi Dooooo! Sorry, I got a bit carried away there. So, anyway, it’s the perfect time to bring out such a fun and entertaining book about the game loved by so many.


I Don’t Like Cricket. I Love it!!

This book is such a fun and entertaining read. Whether you’re a fan or not, the illustrations, the rhyme and the humour will bowl you over. On a personal note, my son, Max, loves cricket. It was a game that really helped us bond together. When he was young, we played so many games in the backyard. Some fierce contests were had, usually ending in tears. He’d thrash me and I’d run inside crying.


Inclusive and Diverse!

 The author, illustrator and the team behind this book have done an amazing job here. It’s a very cleverly told story from the perspective of a brother and sister. In fact, the real cleverness is that it could be from the perspective of any of the kids in the book. It’s very inclusive. They play in inside the house, in the backyard, at school, on the beach, and on a real live cricket field. It’s just all kinds of kids having all kinds of fun, and it’s a blast!


Cow Corner. A Jaffa. A Dolly. A Duck. A Maiden Over

 Plus, for the die-hard cricketing fans, there are some fun and interesting cricket terminology and informative end pages that explain the game in great detail.

I can’t speak highly enough of this book for it’s fun, inclusiveness, colour, and for the great game of cricket.

Now, where’s Max? We’re going out to the backyard. And, this time, I’m fired up to win. As if!


 Author: Alister Nicholson

Illustrator: Tom Jellett

Publisher: Allen and Unwin Australia, 2021