Crocs Don’t Do Yoga – a Taco’s book review

Crocs don't do yoga - a taco's book review

Crocs Don’t Do Yoga by Michelle Wilson and Catherine Suvorova.

Always on the lookout for a snappy story, I came across a crocodile with a very short fuse. Immediately I knew I was onto a good thing. This croc was grumpy, high spirited and showed plenty of bite. Just how I like my crocodiles.

However, Connie the Croc was constantly upsetting her friends with her bad temper, until Gabby the Yabby stepped in and suggested she take up the age old art of yoga.

Crocs don’t do yoga!

Connie the Croc from Constant Creek was a spirited youngster with a stubborn streak. So, she wasn’t interested in yoga. But, when her constant moods kept her friends away, Connie felt lonely and sad. Something had to be done.

So, when Gabby showed Connie that many of the animals that live at the creek, do yoga together on Monday each week, Connie decided she had nothing to lose and gave yoga a try.

Pesky seagulls

Not everybody was supportive of Connie’s new venture. Just as Connie began stretching and breathing and things were looking calm, a pesky seagull flew overhead and PLOP.

Connie looked about to lose it. Her breath shortened and her jaw locked tight. Fortunately for Connie, her friends stayed strong and encouraged her to be brave and breathe. And, I’m happy to report, things are looking a lot rosier for Connie and her friends thanks to the age old art of yoga.

A real croc from Constant Creek

Partly inspired by a local crocodile from the author’s home state of Queensland, this book is such a wonderful collaboration of illustrator and author working together to create the ideal picture book. The rhyme is easy and not over-written. The illustrations are colourful and descriptive so that both the author and illustrator can tell this fun and wonderful story.

With so many Aussie animals, a pooping seagull, some troublesome mice and a crocodile with plenty of bite, kids are going to love this snappy story.


Author: Michelle Wilson

Illustrator: Catherine Suvorova

Publisher: Larrikin House Publishing, 2021

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