Developing a Series with Matt Stanton

Matt Stanton is the best-selling author of 28 books including the world wide smash Funny Kid series.

In this interview, Matt Stanton shows how to develop a new series, how to create and develop characters with depth. And, how he went about creating his amazing new middle grade novel series titled, Bored!

Today’s guest lives in Sydney Australia, has a studio in his backyard, which is ten minutes from the beach, gets to spend heaps of time with his kids and grows mangos in his backyard. All while writing and illustrating best-selling world-wide books for kids.

To tell us how it all began, his amazing journey to publication and his process for creating books, please welcome the amazing, Matt Stanton. Woo-Hooo!

Developing a series with Matt Stanton


Book Reviews with Liv

Book Reviews with Liv

In this week’s Book Reviews with Liv, we chat about two awesome graphic novels for kids and a hilarious Treehouse spin-off by those whacky creators of the Treehouse books. Listen in to Liv’s full review and check out the books below.

Star the Elephant by Remi Lai.

Rainbow the Koala by Remi Lai.

Treehouse tales too silly to be told until now by Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton.


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