Dinosaur Dads - a taco's book review

Dinosaur Dads by Lesley Gibbes and Marjorie Crosby-fairall

Get ready, get set, for daddies galore.

Here they come! Here they come! Here they come!


Action from the get-go

The illustrator, Marjorie Crosby-Fairall’s cover promises an action-packed dinosaur adventure and Lesley’s Gibbes’ rollicking, rhyming text doesn’t disappoint.

The end papers with their trample of dinosaur footprints leads the reader into the story where they find the dinosaur kids bored and grumpy with nothing to do until the dinosaur dads arrive on the scene.

This picture book makes an impact from the get-go. Three dinosaur dads and their excited dinosaur kids riding piggy-back explode off the cover in glorious full-colour, digital illustrations.

A rollicking, rhyming, romping, stomping dinosaur adventure!!

Lesley Gibbes’ imagined dinosaur world is full of exciting fun.

Pre-schoolers are sure to love the biggest ever dinosaur race, the mud fight, water play fun and the exhilarating piggyback ride home. The repetition, rhyme and clever refrain all work together to give the text a fun read aloud that begs for a second reading.

Parents and teachers will appreciate the book design with action verbs and adjectives highlighted in large bold typeface.


Author: Lesley Gibbes

Illustrator: Marjorie Crosby-Fairall

Publisher: Scholastic Australia, 2021