G’day readers, as you know, we here at tacos are on a quest to find and celebrate the world’s funniest kids books. And, we can’t have a list without one of the greatest book creators of our time – Dr Seuss.

His books are so full of magic and awe, that whenever I see a Dr Seuss book all the colour and wonder of my childhood floods back to me.

So, as a tribute to Seuss, I thought I’d ask my cousin’s little brat, sorry son, to review a couple of Seuss classics for us today. So ladies and gentlemen, please welcome our guest reviewer, Fred.

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Woo-hooo! We love Fred! Yipeeeeeeeee!
Fred reviews funny books

Meet Fred

Fred is my little cousin, well, he’s my 2nd cousin twice removed (and 3 times put back together again. Ha-ha-ha-ha).


Never mind. I’m talking about you to our readers.

But …

Fred is an Inky Awards judge for 2019. He loves reading books, eating tacos and taking long walks by the beach …

No I don’t!

Shh, I’m talking you up!

I don’t need you to talk me up, I’ll do it myself!

Pff, okay?!

Hi, I’m Fred. I’m 13 and I live in Australia. I’m a book lover and a cousin to the moderator of this website.

My cousin – the caveman


Only joking! (not really)



Anyway, I’ve been asked by my cousin

to review some funny books.

You may be wondering why a 13-year-old is qualified for this job? Well … I’m an Inky Awards Judge for 2019 (you can find out more about the Inkys below) and have been reading and loving books ever since I can remember.  

My favourite books are the Harry Potter series; The Hate you Have and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time. Though my favourite picture books have been Tiny; We’re Going on a Bear Hunt and any of the Dr Seuss books (there are too many to count). 

Speaking of Dr Seuss, my cousin

has asked me for a Seuss review. Can you believe it? My first Tacos Review and he’s asking me to review one of the greats. Seriously, nothing like easing me into the job. Dr Seuss is the bomb.com

Anyway, here goes.  

The Cat in the Hat

Dr Seuss classics - tacos review

We’ll start with one that I think everyone knows. It was published all the way back in 1957. The cat in the hat is a hilarious book all about making mischief.

The cat comes to a young boy and girl’s house on a rainy day and tries to make them have fun, but instead messes up their house.

Warning from a fish

The boy and girl’s goldfish is telling them that the cat is going to mess up their house and not to let him in. But the cat comes in anyway.

The illustrations in this book make the book so much fun. My favourite page is when the cat stands on the ball with all of the children’s things. In fact, all the stuff he does is funny. He even has these things called Thing 1 and Thing 2 that mess up the house as well. They’re so funny.

In the end, the cat leaves with his special machine and tidies up their house just before their mother comes home.

I wish that I had duck feet

I wish that i had duck feet - tacos review

Well I certainly don’t, I think it would be rather annoying. But in the book, Dr Seuss focuses on a young boy wanting duck feet and a whole other number of animal parts. The whole point of this story is about being who you are is good enough.

The kid is thinking about the pros and cons of each animal part. And, which can defeat a bully and please his teacher.

It is a funny yet heart-warming book. My favourite part was when the boy thought up each pro as they were quirky and interesting. Especially when he used all the parts together and became a Which-what-who.

The book is all in rhyme and yet makes perfect sense, I want to read more Dr Seuss after reading this. It’s the bomb.com.

Well there you go, two Dr Seuss classics

If you haven’t read them for a while you might want to take them out and read them. They’re as magical today as they were fifty years ago. And, thanks Fred. That was awesome. To find out more about Fred and the Inky Awards, check it out here: https://insideadog.com.au/the-inky-awards/

And, we’ll be celebrating more Dr Seuss soon, with fun facts, the magic, the stories and more. So, don’t forget to subscribe below for all the news, reviews and interviews on all that’s funny in kids books!