The truth is finally out! It’s dragons! Dragons are to blame!

Do dragons put a memory spell on adults to forget they were visited by dragons when they were kids? They must. But it’s okay, Kath Bee and Lisa Allen explain everything in a fun tale that will delight kids and finally get mum and dad to understand.

Something happens in my room at night,

Straight after mum turns out the light.

As soon as his mum turns out the light, a boy hears giggling, sees puffs of smoke, and big glowing eyes.

There’s dragons under my bed!

There's dragons under my bed!

Not just one either. There’s a whole family under there.

Boy do they make a mess of the bedroom floor.

Clothes get strewn around the room. Books and toys fly out of cupboards.

And they make such a din!

Dragons are such tricky, messy, cheeky, noisy, party animals

I knew it! I’ve been saying it for years. Dragons under the bed have been creating havoc in kids’ rooms for centuries.

But they are a lot of fun!

Dragons are fun

This is a fun story and true too. Those dragons are tricky creatures. As soon as they hear mum coming up the stairs, they run and hide. I don’t know exactly where they go (that’s what makes them so tricky), but they don’t clean up. And, who is stuck innocently in the middle of a messy room?  

Yep, this young boy, like so many kids before him, just trying to get some serious sleep, when … BOOM. Dragons!

If you have a child who loves dragons and just happens to have a very messy room, this book is for both of you!

Written by Kath Bee, a much loved and award winning New Zealand children’s songwriter, this book also comes with the song by Kath Bee as well (cop that dragons) so kids can sing along with the book. The illustrations by Lisa Allen add to the fun of this crazy tale, by showing these creatures as they naturally are. Not scary, just a whole lot of mischievous fun.

Now, after all these years, maybe, just maybe, my mum will believe me?! Thanks Kath Bee.


Title: Dragons under my bed

Author: Kath Bee

Illustrator: Lisa Allen

Publisher: Duck Creek Press, NZ, 2017

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  1. Thank you Ken, for a lovely and FUN review! Made me smile a lot – soooo glad you can rest easy now, knowing you were RIGHT! 😉
    Kath Bee

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