Elephant and Piggie books in review.

Mo Willems is a master of including the reader in the story. He does it so well with the Pigeon books and he does it again in each and every fantastic Elephant and Piggie book.

I got to the series late, and didn’t get to read them with my son at the perfect age of around 3-6. This is a series we would have loved reading together, and laughing. So, don’t miss out with your kids. These are funny and fantastic for so many reasons. Best friends hanging out together in very relatable scenarios.

Willems makes each book look so simplistic, but the creating, writing and illustrating is done so brilliantly. So, do yourself and kids a favour and get collecting. There’s 25 at present in the series. I’m going to pick one at random for you here: 24

I really like Slop!

Mmm Slop!

Pigs really, really, really like slop. Piggy has been cooking. She’s made some awesome slop and offers her best friend Gerald some.

Yiiiikes! You eat that?

Should it smell like that? What about all those flies?

Flies are how you know it’s ripe. Would you like to try some?


Piggy Wait!

Gerald decides not to hurt his best friend’s feelings and try some. Just a little. And … the result is hilarious.

Piggie even offers a tip on how to give your slop that old shoe taste: Old shoes.

Chef Mo

If you’ve ever wondered what Mo looks like, and get an idea of the whacky mind behind the stories, check this out. It’s a trailer of his book I really like slop! 

The master in action!


Author / Illustrator: Mo Willems

Publisher: Disney Books.

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