Interview with Stef Gemmill

Today’s guest started out as a music journalist, writing articles on hard rock gigs, before marrying a lead singer of a band, having a baby and swapping the mosh-pit for toys, tantrums and penning children’s books.

Her latest book, Toy Mountain is out now and to tell us all about it, along with empowering kids to care for the environment and tips on writing your text visually, it’s the wonderful, the amazing, Stef Gemmill. Woo-hooo!

Empowering kids to care for the environment


Taco Shout-outs!!

We’re out of Lockdown! Woo-hooo! As most of Australia is able to wonder about the city streets, bookstores and cafes, we want to give a shout out to all those book launches, and events planned over the coming weeks.

This week we have:

Enough is Enough by Nola Smith – Book launch is 2 – 4pm at East Fremantle Lawn Tennis Club. Free Entry. To register or get more info, click here.

My Talking Hands by Chloe Stephens – Book launch is Sat 4th December at 2pm. For details, click here.


EK Books


Resources Mentioned in this Episode: 

Stef Gemmill: to find out more about this wonderful author’s work, click on website here.

Toy Mountain: For more information about this picture book published by EK Books, click here.

Katherine Hall: To find out more information about this wonderful illustrator, click here.


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