Even more funny books for kids

Here’s even more of our funny books for kids. We can’t get enough funny books lately. If you’re looking for funny books for your kids or yourself. Or you’re wanting to write funny books, you’ll love these Taco Favourites!

Tacos review: i just ate my friend

I just ate my friend by Heidi McKinnon

Before we go any further, here’s a short list of things you should eat:

Broccoli – yes

Carrots – yes

Ice cream – yes

Your friends – NO!



Yes, that’s right, he ate his friend! Well, he is a monster after all, and well, maybe that’s just what monsters do. However, Yellow Monster is actually really really sorry. And, to make matters worse, he doesn’t have any other friends.

I’m not surprised. Anyway, he now sets off in search of a new friend. However …


particularly when you’ve just eaten your last one. Yellow Monster is starting to think he’ll never find another friend, until finally, along comes Green Monster.

This is a wonderfully silly book with delightfully quirky illustrations that capture the mood of the story perfectly. It’s the sort of all-round quality that makes little and big kids laugh from their bellies. I’m a huge Heidi McKinnon fan.

Publisher: Allen and Unwin, 2017

Klassen Classics - a tacos review

I Want my Hat Back by Jon Klassen

Have you seen Bear’s hat? It’s red and pointy and Bear has lost it. Bear really loves that hat and wants it back.

Bear asks everyone he meets if they’ve seen his hat. But no-one can help, not even Rabbit, “I haven’t seen a hat. Why are you asking me? I wouldn’t steel a hat. Don’t ask me any more questions.”

Bear has no luck asking around. And, he can’t remember where he saw it last, until …


What I love about Klassen is the way he involves the reader in all three of the Hat Trilogy books. Here, he lets you in on all the goings-on and leaves it up to you to ultimately decide who stole the hat and what happened to whoever it was that stole the hat. By the way, has anyone seen Rabbit?

Publisher: Walker Books Ltd

Are you a horse - a tacos book review

Are you a Horse? by Andy Rash

I can’t begin to tell you how much I love this book. It’s one I read with by son a few years ago and picked it up again recently. It’s so silly, yet I laugh just thinking about it. I can’t get Roy’s dumb expressions out of my mind as he goes around asking everything he sees, ‘Are you a horse?’


When Roy gets a brand new saddle for his birthday, he’s stoked. The saddle even comes with instructions: 1. Find a horse. 2. Enjoy the ride.


So, Roy heads out to find a horse and try out his new saddle. He meets several things that aren’t horses, but they all give him clues as to what a horse looks like. However, after so many tries, Roy is about to give up, when along comes a horse.

This book is so funny all the way through. A must for silly kids of all ages!

Publisher: Levine Books, an imprint of Scholastic Inc., 2009

I'm going to eat this ant - tacos review

I’m going to eat this ANT by Chris Naylor-Ballesteros

Anteater is considering eating an ant. But he’s sick of simply slurping. He’s going to eat his ant with a bit more flair, creativity and flavour.

Brought to you by the letter S, Anteater considers every scrumptious way of eating up an ant: served in a sandwich, simmered in soup, squished in a sausage, speared on a stick, sliced, stir-fired, sautéed or sun-dried. But there is only one problem with all of these lip-smacking culinary options.


Typical of ants. They’re so annoying. This particular ant, and his mates, concoct a plan to get out of being eaten and have a little fun with Anteater at the same time.  

This is definitely worthy of the funniest book list. I love the well-crafted illustrations of the ant being all the different types of food, especially the expression on the ant’s face. This is a picture book for all ages. And, hilarious when read out loud, particularly the last few pages!

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing, London

Book Chook - a tacos review

The Book Chook by Amelia McInerney and Connah Brecon

Ray is one very hip lookin’ chook. He and his friend Janine live a pretty good life – nights out at the movies, open roof car rides along the beach in Monte Carlo, all while wearing the trendiest clothes and accessories – yep, life is pretty good for this hipster chook. Until … he realises that he’s not a chook at all.


When Ray realises he is just a drawing of a chicken and not a real chicken, he gets himself into quite a state. He tries to recruit the reader into flying him around the room and out of the book. When that doesn’t work, Ray reassesses his life to determine if he wants to be a real chook or a book chook.

I think Janine best sums up Ray’s plight with the very last line of the book. But of course, Ray has to find out for himself and there are some very funny moments along the journey. Watch out for the scissors, Ray!


This well written, rhyming picture book has some very funny moments and is helped along beautifully by the illustrations that really capture the characters so well. Ray is definitely a winner!

Winner, Winner Chicken … No!

Publisher: Omnibus Book, 2019. Scholastic Australia

The Floods book one - a tacos review

The Floods By Colin Thompson

Seriously, this is a real laugh out loud series you just have to get your hands on!

To give you a quick overview, the Floods are a family of witches and wizards. There are seven children in the family, who were not created in the traditional way, but made in a cellar using incredible mystical powers and a set of very shiny Jamie Oliver saucepans.


The books have reached double figures in the series, but we’re going to look at Book One, Neighbours. First, let’s quickly meet the family. These are some of the funniest and endearing characters I’ve ever read, and I find it difficult to have a favourite when I love them all so much for different reasons.

Dad: Nerlin. No, not Merlin, Nerlin! Wizard.
Mum: Mordonna. Beautiful and powerful. Witch.
Vella: Eldest child. Works at local blood bank. Wizard.
Satanella: was turned into a dog in an experiment gone wrong. Witch.
Merlin-Mary: Could be Witch or Wizard, too hairy to tell.
Winchflat: The family genius. Wizard.
Morbid and Silent: twins and mirror image of each other. Wizards.
Betty: made more in the traditional mould like you or I, but not really. Witch.


At first glance, as long as you are at least a hundred metres away and see them from the back on a dark Autumn evening when it’s raining, the Floods look like any other family.

At second glance, especially if you are less than a hundred metres away and see them from the front on a bright summer’s day, you’ll see they’re not a normal family and certainly not one to be messed with. So, if the Floods happen to move in next door to you, it would pay to be nice.

However, the Floods don’t have nice neighbours, they have the Dent family. And the Dents are about to find out what happens when you’re mean and horrible to your neighbours.

Book One also introduces you to a few of the Flood’s relatives, some of which are buried in their backyard. You’ll also get a feel for Colin Thompson’s very quirky writing style along with his own black and white illustrations. A must see!

Of course, you don’t have to start at book one. If you manage to get a copy of a later book. I recommend you pick it up and read it. But if you’re heading out to your local bookstore, why not start at the beginning. You’ll soon want to collect the entire series anyway.

Publisher: Random House, Australia, 2005

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