An interview with Sarah Speedie

Today’s guest is the author of a brand new picture book set to take the country by storm. When she set out to write books for kids, she was advised by publishers that she needed something more than a good story, she needed a winning concept.

And, that’s exactly what she’s done with Mozzies v Flies.

To tell us how she went about it is the wonderful, the amazing, the awesome, Sarah Speedie ladies and gentlemen.

Mozzies v Flies book review 

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Ava and Pepe’s book review

Ava and Pepe

Ava and Pepe’s book to review is A Trip to the Hospital, by Freda Chiu, published by Allen and Unwin Australia, 2021

A trip to the hospital by Freda Chiu is a picture book that explores all the amazing things that happen inside a children’s hospital and gives thanks to the many hardworking people that help keep us safe and well. And, to give us their review of the book, it’s over to Ava and Pepe!


Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

 Sarah Speedie: To find out more about this wonderful author’s work, click on her website here.

Mozzies v Flies: For more information about this very cool picture book, click here.

Rebel Challenger: For more information about Rebel Challenger, click here.

Larrikin House Publishing: To find out more about Larrikin, click here.

A Trip to the Hospital: To find out more about this book, click here.

Allen and Unwin Australia: For more information on this great publishing house, please click here.


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