Food or Friend? – a Taco’s book review

Food or Friend - a taco's book review

Food or Friend? by Rebel Challenger

This fun picture book is full of foods and friends that share a similar name. Sometimes even similar shapes and colours. A perfect introduction to wordplay and double meanings.

There are crab apples, but they’re not crabs

Take a look at this picture. It’s hilarious.

Food or Friend

This book is so much fun. Full of intrigue and wonder. What joy it is to turn each page to see what food or friend is next. I just love the expressions on the animals when compared to the food of their namesake. Kids are going to love the animation, fun and colour of this picture book.

Our Foodie Friends

The final page is a colourful, entertaining spread of animals with similar names to foods with a fun detailed description of each animal or food. Who said learning wasn’t fun?

For example, did you know that the kiwi fruit originated in China, but have bristly hair-like feathers and round bodies much like a Kiwi bird from New Zealand?

And, that when the Tomato Frog of Madagascar (also red like a tomato) feels threatened will puff up to look like a tomato?


Author / Illustrator: Rebel Challenger

Publisher:  Larrikin House Publishing, Australia, 2021

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