Get Back In Your Books! – a Taco’s book review

Get Back In Your Books! - a taco's book review

Get Back In Your Books! by Rory H. Mather and Shane McG

I have to tell you that the creators of this book really know how to bring their characters to life. It’s an All-Star Cast!

This book is full of famous faces, and being a picture book lover, I know them all. But, what I don’t know is why they are all out of their books? Has the world gone mad? Characters don’t just leap out of their books do they? So, why are there pirates in the Paperback Section, and three little pigs dashing through the Picture Book Section? And, I’m pretty sure, I just saw Max looking for some Wild Things!

Do you believe in Magic?

When a boy arrives at school, he thinks everything seems right. But, when he reaches the library, he nearly jumps with fright!

He can’t believe what he’s seeing. A greedy caterpillar, a buffalo, a cat and a fox. He saw pirates with hats and swords and wizards casting spells. But, no teachers or librarian.

Get back in your books!

The boy grabbed a megaphone and shouted to all the characters in all the sections, “Get Back In Your Books!”

All the characters stop and take notice, and what happens next is fantastic. I don’t want to spill the beans on why the characters were all out and about, except to say that Book Week is coming soon and this book ticks all the Book Week Boxes.

The clues are in the detail

Another great collaboration of author and illustrator with this picture book. While the author is bringing the reader into the story with curiosity, the illustrations, while fun and lively, are full of clues as to what is really going on. This is such a clever collaboration and one that is sure to thrill kids of all ages, read after read.


Author:  Rory H Mather             

Illustrator: Shane McG

Publisher: Scholastic Australia, 2021

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