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 Get Published!

Get Published! is a series of podcast episodes featuring an amazing array of the most loved and admired children’s book creators – from authors and illustrators to publishers and editors. And, finishing with publicists and booksellers. All giving of their time and knowledge to assist you on your writing journey.

It’s a combination of the best advice from past Taco episodes to new content aimed directly at giving you the tools you need to be a published author.

We ask authors and illustrators how they create books, from an idea stage, right through to publication and beyond. We’ll discuss characters, plots, themes, language, voice, layout, design, how to work with an illustrator, and even what to do once a publisher accepts your manuscript.

This is an ideal series for all authors and aspiring authors of children’s books. From picture books to junior novels. Whether you’ve been writing for some time, published or pre-published, I promise you, you’ll get so much out of this series.

Get Published - Session one - Begin

All journeys start with a beginning. 

I begin this series by asking today’s guests, what is a children’s book? What are some practicalities and misapprehensions? What do we need to know about the kid lit industry? What are some common expectations and what are the realities? Then we finish off this first session by sitting down to write and asking, what sparks a story?


Key takeaways:

  • A book is often a child’s first foray into art and the world.
  • Writing is a craft that you must continue to develop.
  • Developing techniques to begin, and then grow your story.
  • If you want to be a published author, it’s not enough just to write a good story. You must develop an understanding of what’s required as a professional.


Extra Content:

  • Listen to our Community Bonus Episode:

Meet the Publishers – 10 things you must know about the kid lit industry

Take note of the content and tie it in to your goals and expectations. Part of developing your craft is to understand how the industry works. 


The Process.

Sally Rippin is Australia’s highest selling female author. Her books have sold more than ten million copies in eighteen countries. Incredible! In this bonus episode, Sally Rippin and Deb Abela share their process on writing books for kids. Together with real examples, tips on structure and technique, they break down the process into real and understandable chunks.

So, get your notepads ready and join us for session 2 in our Get Published series, where we focus purely on the process.

 Key Takeaways in this session:

  • Fleshing out ideas into stories.
  • The Inciting Incident.
  • Developing characters and setting.
  • Discussing various story structures.
  • Understanding Conflict.

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