Get Ready, Mama! Book review


Get Ready Mama!

A hilarious role-reversal story for families with reluctant risers. Getting ready for work and school in the morning is something families have struggled with for centuries. If not longer. In this take on the morning routine, it’s mum who just can’t get her act together.


Just Five More Minutes

 Mums are always procrastinating in the mornings. If they’re not sleeping in, or sneaking back to bed, they’re pleading for 5 more minutes, or spilling breakfast on their top, or the dog is eating their shoes.  What’s a child to do?

This is such a fun and playful way to show the frustrations we all feel. Kids will love the role-reversal, and laugh along, as the young child tries everything to get her mum moving, out the door, and off to work.


Sometimes, you just gotta laugh, or you’ll cry

This is such a great topic to poke fun at because mornings can be so stressful. You’ve got so much to do, and just getting started can be so frustrating. But if you don’t laugh, you might just cry.

And, because the story is so accessible to kids and adults, and more fun than didactic, it can be used in educational settings to share your feelings and discuss routines, not getting distracted and so much more.

The illustrations capture the cheekiness and fun of the story, which will keep the kids laughing as they identify themselves in the story.

Get ready Mama! is the perfect story for parents and kids to read together and have a laugh at something that is, for many of us, a frustrating topic.



 Author: Sharon Giltrow

Illustrator: Arielle Li

Publisher: EK Books, Australia, 2022


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