Grumpy Monkey – Tacos Review

Jim Panzee woke up grumpy (This book had me at Jim Panzee). Jim’s neighbour, Norman the Gorilla, notices that Jim has woken up on the wrong side of the branches this morning, and is a tad grumpy. But Jim insists he’s not grumpy at all. The two head off into the jungle and come across their friends who also notice that Jim is all hunched over and looking, well … grumpy.

I’m not grumpy!

He is though.

It’s a beautiful day in the jungle – the sun shining and the sky so blue. Everyone urges Jim to cheer up and enjoy the beautiful day. But Jim doesn’t feel like doing anything. He is in a grumpy mood.

I’m not grumpy!

Jim keeps saying he isn’t grumpy. But he is. But that’s okay. Sometimes we all get a little grumpy. Sometimes we just need to be a little grumpy, feel a little sorry for ourselves, then dust ourselves off and go on.

The Illustrations really capture the mood of the jungle, as all the animals are enjoying the day and showing Jim how to cheer up.  My favourite is Python, “You should hug someone,” says Python, who has a good grip on a very perplexed rabbit.

Okay, I’m grumpy

Jim starts to realise he is feeling sad and sorry for himself. When he sees his friend Norman has hurt himself, Jim realises that he’s not the only one having a bad day, and they sit together, reflect on the world and begin to feel better.

I like this story the more I read it, and think kids and parents alike will really associate with Jim’s grumpy journey, and laugh along at this wonderful book.

Book details

Author: Suzanne Lang

Illustrator: Max Lang

Publisher: Penguin Random House, 2018

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