Guinness World Records 2022 – a Taco’s book review

Guinness World Records 2022 - a Taco's book review

Guinness World Records 2022

Every year, Guinness World Records is there to document and authorise the remarkable accomplishments of the wildest, wackiest and downright amazingest people on our planet.

This year is no exception. In fact, Covid Lockdowns have given some people more time and energy to perform amazing feats.

Something for Everyone

An ideal gift, and a must-have on every coffee table! It’s beautifully designed and bound in hardcover. The cover and artwork is amazing. The book’s title jumps off the page at you in a real tactile treat. This is more than a book. It’s an event for the entire family. Turn off the tely and gather around this amazing guide and totally enjoy some family time.

It’s a celebration of Awesome Achievement

Discover the stats, facts and figures behind the world’s most popular video games, movies, TV shows and media channels. Celebrate the greatest sporting achievements, the most daring adventurers and the latest technological developments.

Plus, there’s some awesome young people who refuse to let age be a barrier to success. See what they are doing to change their world, and what inspires them to be the best.

And, some people just have too much time on their hands

Did you know that Sally Pearson, yes, Olympic Gold Medallist Sally Pearson, holds the 100 metre World Record for an Egg and Spoon Race?

Australian, Murawa Ibrahim, says that having a GWR is like being a member of a superpower club. Her superpower: she holds the record for most hula hoops spun simultaneously – 200.

There’s the world’s largest sandcastle. The most mashed potato eaten in a minute. Most apples crushed in one hand in a minute. Farthest distance to skim a stone – you won’t believe how many skims Kurt Steiner of the USA achieved in one throw.

There’s the latest from the World Hole Digging Championships, where 1500 people took place to win the famed, Golden Shovel.

It’s all here and more. So much more. It’s HUGE!

And, best of all, If you, or anyone you know want to get your own name in the record books, you can find out how in Guinness World Records 2022.


Title: Guinness World Records, 2022

Publisher: Pan Macmillan, Australia, 2021

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