Hat-trick Teddy – a taco’s review

Hat trick Teddy book review

Hat-trick Teddy – a taco’s book review

By James Tedesco and illustrations by Heath McKenzie

The likeable twelve-year-old James is enjoying life with his four best mates. They goof around, play football and tease each other about girls and life. But in a country town, football is a big deal, and James is a footy star in the making. He plays with his mates for the Menangle Meerkats, and dreams of one day being an NRL star.

A freak storm changes everything

One night, a freak storm destroys the local park and demolishes the Meerkat’s footy club. Without a footy club there’s no footy. However, James is chosen to play for the neighbouring town and arch enemy, The Camden Rams. Unfortunately, his mates don’t get picked. So, James has to choose to stay with his mates and not play footy or continue to chase his dream of being an NRL star.

A story of adventure and taking a chance

Hat-trick Teddy is just the book to get reluctant readers reading. Not only is it the perfect length to hook readers in, keep them entertained and give them an ending to cheer home, it sets up the next book in the series so perfectly, that they’ll want to read the next book immediately.

There’s nothing that drags on too long. The pace and simplicity of the story is such that even if you’re not into rugby, you’ll enjoy the story of good versus evil, of family and friendships, and of growing up through tough times and the good.

Change is never easy

The main character is endearing. He’s a modest kid from a loving, sharing family, who has to battle through the trials of growing up in life, sport and new beginnings.

This is largely a story of good versus evil, falling down and getting back up, a willingness to practise, work hard, and overcome adversity. And, the type of story that makes you want to stand up and cheer for a hero. All while seeing yourself as the hero you always dream of becoming.

Author, James Tedesco has made a great debut into writing for kids and I look forward to more adventures with Teddy and his mates. And, I think a lot of kids out there will too.

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Author: James Tedseco

Illustrations: Heath McKenzie

Publisher: Pan Macmillan Austraila, 2021

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