Today’s guest is the author and illustrator of popular picture books such as I just ate My friend, There’s no such thing! and Baz and Benz.

Her latest picture book is titled, We found a cat, and it’s absolutely hilarious. She’s popped in today to tell us all about it, as well as to share her writing journey, and how she goes about writing and illustrating picture books, so please give a huge cheer to Heidi McKinnon. Woo-hooo!

we found a cat by Heidi McKinnon - a taco's book review

Ava and Pepe

Also on today’s podcast, we introduce the amazing Ava who will be joining us from time to time on the podcast with Ava and Pepe’s Book Reviews. Can’t wait!


Resources Mentioned in this Episode: 

Heidi McKinnon: to find out more about this wonderful author / illustrator, click on website here.

We found a cat: To read our Taco Review, click here.

I just ate my friend: To read our Taco’s review of this awesome picture book, click here.

Sally Rippin: To find out more about this amazing author, click here.


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