review of hilarious book: Hippospotamus

Hippopotamus has a spotamus . . . on her bottomus!

One by one, all the animals around her give hippopotamus their hilarious diagnosis.
‘It’s a blister!’ said her sister.
‘It’s measles!’ said Weasel.
‘It’s hippopox!’ said Fox.
‘It’s a trapped hair!’ said Brown Bear.
‘It is notamus! What rottomus! You clottomus!’ hissed Snake. ‘This lippy hippypotamus is allergic to cake!’

As each animal offers even funnier cures, nothing seems to work. Hippopotamus still has a spotamus on her bottomus, until along comes a young lad who sees the spot on her bottom, and in the end, the spotamus turns out to be something totally unexpected.

What a fun story to read. So silly, yet inventive and entertaining.

This book has wonderful rhyme and amazing rhythm that keeps the story up-beat and a joy to read all the way through. Willis and Ross are a fantastic comedy team and the character responses and diagnoses are so funny, but it’s the ending of this book that really hits the spot. Loved it. This is a Tacos Classic!


Author: Jeanne Willis
Illustrator: Tony Ross
Publisher: Andersen Press Ltd, 2013
Type: Picture book, for ages 3 upwards.