Horrible Harriet - a Tacos book review

Horrible Harriet and the Terrible Tantrum by Leigh Hobbs

Happy Birthday Horrible Harriet

From the incredible imagination of former Australian Children’s Laureate, Leigh Hobbs, comes the latest Horrible Harriet adventure. And, making this extra special is that 2021 marks 20 years since we first met the wickedly wonderful Horrible Harriet. Happy Birthday Horrible Harriet. Woo-hooo!

Harriet’s celebrating with her wildest adventure yet

Horrible Harriet is bored of being a bad girl. She wants to be a good girl for a change. Good luck with that!

Even when she tries a nice smile, it looks horrendous. Everyone, except Mr Boggle, who can’t see very well, is kind of freaking out.

The Terrible Tantrum

But an even bigger problem is in Harriet’s room. A nasty monster-like creature which Harriet keeps in a cage by her bed is the Terrible Tantrum.

If the creature doesn’t get what it wants from Harriet, it lashes out with all kinds of naughty behaviours. Fortunately, Harriet keeps her pet’s cage locked at all times.

The Terrible Tantrum Escapes

When Harriet wakes up, the Terrible Tantrum is gone. Even worse, when she gets to school, the monster is sitting in her chair. And, even worse than that is the Terrible Tantrum is getting all the attention. This was not part of Harriet’s Good-girl Plan. There is only one thing for Harriet to do.

Throwing a tantrum

Throw a Tantrum

With a whoosh and a whirl, Harriet throws the Terrible Tantrum up and up and all around the room, until … Crash.

Harriet’s Good-girl plan is ruined. Or, is it?

This is a very creative look at a temper tantrum, and, in typical Harriet form, things seem to work out. Kids and Harriet fans will love the humour, particularly in the quirky illustrations and crazy mind of Horrible Harriet. Happy birthday Horrible Harriet. I hope you have a horribly wonderful day.


Author/illustrator: Leigh Hobbs

Publisher: Allen and Unwin, Australia, 2021

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