Interview with Hayley Gannon – teacher-librarian.

 Today’s guest is a teacher-librarian who is doing such incredible work getting kids excited about books that I just had to bring her in for a taco and chat about her amazing work. Often as writers, illustrators and creators of books for kids, locked away in our little nooks, it can be easy to forget about the very people we’re writing for. Well, today’s guest is on the front line and she’s here to tell us what kids are excited about. What they are reading. What their interests are. And much, much more. Please put your hands together for the wonderful, Hayley Gannon.


Hayley Gannon Interview


Book Reviews with Liv

This week’s books reviewed by Liv: 

The Mertales Series by Rebecca Timmis and published by Allen and Unwin Australia.

Shadow and the Girl by Jeanette Stampone and Demelsa Haughton, published by Red Paper Kite.

I’ll Keep you Close by Jeska Verstegen and published by Allen and Unwin Australia.

I'll keep you close book review


Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

 Hayley in the Library: to find out more about this wonderful teacher-librarian, click on her site here.

Students need school libraries: For more information about this important cause, click here.

Mertales Series: For more about the series by Rebecca Timmis and published by Allen and Unwin, click here.

Shadow and the Girl: For more info on this wonderful picture book by Jeanette Stampone, Demelsa Haughton and published by Red Paper Kite, click here

I’ll Keep you Close: For more info on this historical fiction novel, click here.


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