Interview with bookseller, Heather Dyer

Today’s guest is a bookseller extraordinaire. She has owned and ran successful bookshops for over 20 years. Her current store is the very popular Fairfield Bookshop, here in Melbourne. A lot of her selling is predominantly kids books, so she’s agreed to pop in for a taco and a chat about the very important process of how authors get their books into stores, what new and aspiring creators should do to get to know their local bookstores and a whole lot more. So, ladies and gentlemen, please give a huge cheer for the wonderful, Heather Dyer. Woo-hooo!


Resources Mentioned in this Episode: 

Heather Dyer: to find out more about this wonderful bookseller, click here.

Fairfield Bookstore: For more information about this awesome bookstore, click here.


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