Interview with Amelia McInerney

Often, new writers have a message to drum into their readers. And, that’s fine. However, the thing all writers must understand is that the story comes first. And, that’s what today’s guest has done so well with her latest book.

Today’s guest writes fun, quirky picture books such as the Book Chook, Bad Crab and My Bird Bertie. But it’s her latest book, Who Fed Zed that she’s come to talk about today. And I’m excited because this is not only a fun and quirky picture book, but it’s one with a very important message. I really want to talk about the way it’s written, so let’s get her on, ladies and gentlemen, the wonderful Amelia McInerney. Woo-hooo!

The Lay of the Land

Time for a segment we call, The lay of the land. Each episode, we’ll talk to a publisher, bookseller, agent, librarian or teacher and ask them what’s going on in the world of kids books. It’s the stuff that keeps an aspiring author in the loop, or if you’re new to writing for kids, it helps you get an understanding of the world you’re about to enter in to.

And, today on the show, we’re going to Red Paper Kite publishing and talk with the Publisher, Sandra van Doorn about some of the processes they have in place for authors and illustrators. Bonjour Sandra!!


Q and A Extravaganza

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